Please be aware that St. Pauli is against every form of discrimination and against every form of racism, sexism and hooliganism, moreover against any kind of discrimination of same-sex preferences and inclination. Any form of discrimination is not welcome!!

Please note – Yorkshire St. Pauli does not get any special treatment with regards to tickets, so please don’t ask if we can get tickets for you and your 15 mates! The Millerntor is often sold out, and tickets are hard to come by even for those who regularly attend.

Be aware that the Bundesliga fixture system is complicated, with confirmed dates and times of games announced in blocks, which can be left up until a month or so before the fixture. This can make it difficult to plan trips to Germany in advance, because games can be scheduled for a range of dates from Friday night until Monday night. There is no date given as to when the confirmed dates will be given either, so the whole thing makes it difficult for fans wanting to plan trips in advance.

Details on how to obtain tickets are below.

Home games:

Home game ticket information is often posted on the club website when the tickets are due to go on sale. The English language version of the club website now has a comprehensive guide to purchasing tickets so it’s well worth reading! Tickets are usually available to be purchased online or by phoning the ticket office, however these will often quickly sell out particularly in the more popular areas of the ground.

You can buy tickets online and collect them at the stadium here:

Also keep an eye on our website and social media sites, where we will keep fans posted when fixture details are confirmed and ticket information is available.

We are often asked about the best place to be in the Millerntor – which is completely subjective. Some will like to be on the Sudkurve amongst Ultra Sankt Pauli, then there’s the massive Gegengerade terrace, and the North Stand occupied with the Nord Support fanclub is also good. We personally wouldn’t recommend the Hauptribune if you are looking for somewhere with atmosphere, as it is where the more expensive and ‘executive’ seats are.

Away games:

You can contact the Away ticket office. They will post the ticket out to you for an additional cost, and take payment via credit card. To acquire tickets you can email the ticket office at (in English is not a problem if you can’t speak German). There is no deadline from which you can send ticket requests, so get them in as soon as possible, with each of the following information:

Membership number: (if applicable, note that members and season ticket holders get priority over non-members)
Match: (state the match you want to attend, note that each match should be on a different email if you want to attend more than one)
Tickets required: (state the number of tickets you want, and also whether you want them to be standing or seating tickets – although the club often struggle to offer standing tickets).
Payment details: (provide your credit card number and expiry date, and the ticket office should be able to charge your credit card. If this is a problem, they will ask you to do a bank transfer.)