Weisse Rose – Edition 23

The return of ‘Weisse Rose’! Two years since our last issue, to mark six years of Yorkshire St. Pauli, the issue returns with 35 pages of everything we love. What’s inside?

An interview with Jan-Philipp Kalla, a word from PAFRAS, a text message from Rafa Benitez, our mates from Glasgow and Derby on setting up their own fanclubs, a kick-ass season review from Athens, Sheffield United, Rugby League, a word-search, an update on Football For All, a trip to Fuerth, a fan who has avoided seeing us win since we turned good, and two parts of the FC Lampedusa St. Pauli trilogy of stories on the harsh realities of running a refugee football team.

The fanzine is completely free, but if you enjoying reading it and want to donate a couple of quid, please send it to PAFRAS using this link: https://www.givey.com/PAFRAS

To read the fanzine, click this link: WR may 17 . You should also be able to right-click and download it to your computer if you so wish! 

Thank you to absolutely everyone who contributed, particularly given that we had a one week deadline! You’re all ace.


Photo credit: FC St. Pauli